Premonition (2004)


While stopped at a roadside phone booth for transmitting his work through Internet to the university, Professor Hideki Satomi finds a scrap of newspaper with the picture of his five year old daughter Nana in the obituary. He sees his wife Ayaka trying to release their daughter from the seatbelt, when a truck hits his car killing Nana. Three years later, Hideki is divorced from Ayaka, who is researching paranormal people who claim to have read an evil newspaper anticipating the future. Still trying to believe in Hideki, she finds that there are people cursed to foresee the future but without the power to save the victims. When Hideki changes the future saving Ayaka, he becomes trapped in hell and he has to make a choice for his own destiny.

Rotten Tomatoes: Rotten 8% / Audience 50%

Rated PG-13,  1 hr 36 mins

Norio Tsuruta
Hiroshi Mikami  •  Noriko Sakai  •  Maki Horikita  •  Mayumi Ono

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Hiroshi Mikami Hideki Satomi
Noriko Sakai Ayaka Satomi
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