Dead & Beautiful (2021)

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A group of young and spoiled rich kids turn into vampires after a night out, changing the course of their lives and driving a wedge between them all.

GENRES:  Horror
DIRECTION:  David Verbeek
CAST:  Gijs Blom  •  Aviis Zhong  •  Yen Tsao  •  Anechka Marchenko

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Cast & Characters

Gijs Blom
Aviis Zhong
Yen Tsao Alexander
Anechka Marchenko Anastasia
Michelle Chiang Lulu's Mother
Cheng-en Philip Juan Bin-Ray
Cheng Kuei-Chung Guide
Ming-shiou Tsai Shaman
Lu Wen-Hsueh Lulu's Father
Chun-Hao Hu Xu-Yu
Zhen Yang Elvis
Yuan Kuo Dancing girl

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