Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale (1986)

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Featuring the characters from Murray Ball's "Footrot Flats", (New Zealands most beloved local cartoon strip ). Questions to be answered include: Will Wal Footrot win the affections of Cheeky Hobson over the sleazy Spit Murphy? Will the Dog win the affections of the lovely Jess? Will Wal make a good impression on the All Black selectors at Saturdays rugby match? Can Rangi and Pongo save Cooch's prize stag from the depths of Blackwater station, home of the Murphy's, their vicious dogs and deadly croco-pigs? All this and more will be answered as the small town of Raupo comes to life on the big screen.

GENRES:  Animation • Comedy
DIRECTION:  Murray Ball
CAST:  Peter Rowley  •  Rawiri Paratene  •  Fiona Samuel  •  Peter Hayden

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Cast & Characters

Peter Rowley Dog (voice)
Rawiri Paratene Rangi (voice)
Fiona Samuel Cheeky Hobson / Pongo (voice)
Peter Hayden Irish Murphy (voice)
Dorothy McKegg Aunt Dolly (voice)
Billy T. James Pawai (voice)
Brian Sergent Spit Murphy (voice)
Marshall Napier Hunk Murphy (voice)
Michael Haigh Rugby Commentator (voice)
John Clarke Wal (voice)

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