Deadly Life of a Ninja (1983)

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A businessman and his sister-in-law are targeted for assassination by a band of evil ninjas and their vicious leader (Yasuaki Kurata). The ninjas are committing bizarre murders all over the city, and the police can't seem to pick up their trail -- so they call in ninja hunter and Kendo master Mr. Chow (Kuan Tai Chen). To take down the silent killers, Mr. Chow will have to fight against incredible odds in this campy ninja classic.

GENRES:  Action
CAST:  Yasuaki Kurata  •  Chen Kuan-tai  •  Chen Hung-Lieh  •  Kang Peng

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Cast & Characters

Yasuaki Kurata Iga Ninja Leader
Chen Kuan-tai Han Wei Chow
Chen Hung-Lieh Ming Fu Chan
Kang Peng Ninja
Wong Chi-Sang Cop's Assistant
Chin Shih-Erh Young Chow Han Wei
Sun Jung-Chi Chow Han Wei's Ninja Master
Yang Hui-shan Chi Mei Sun

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