Below (2019)

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In a near-future, darknet grifter Dougie is recruited to work security at a refugee detention centre. There, he is drawn into an underground operation blackmailing detainees to fight for profit. When tragedy strikes courageous fighter Azad, Dougie locates his hitherto dormant conscience and takes a stand.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Maziar Lahooti
CAST:  Anthony LaPaglia  •  Ryan Corr  •  Morgana O'Reilly  •  Zenia Starr

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Cast & Characters

Anthony LaPaglia Terry
Ryan Corr Dougie
Morgana O'Reilly Michelle
Zenia Starr Imogen
Robert Rabiah King Ciggy
Phoenix Raei Azad
Alison Whyte Cheryl
Adam T Perkins Steynes
Kenneth Ransom Zabi
Alla Hand Astrid
Lauren Campbell Zahra
Luke Hewitt Hitchcock

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