The Guy, 13 Kids & Me (2009)

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Leon has banished everything from his life that could remind him of his childhood. As an orphan, he grew up with his uncle Walter, the owner of a china factory, where he is currently working as a designer, trying to bring a breath of fresh air to the company. But Walter is a traditionalist. Since Leon’s girlfriend Marina is also dedicated to the company, children have no part in Leon’s life. Until he meets Esther who is raising 13 at once. Leon is trying to convince Esther on Walter’s behalf to forfeit her run-down house, so that Walter can use the estate for his investment plans. But then, Leon falls in love with Esther, and all his plans begin to crumble…

GENRES:  Comedy • Family • Romance • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Josh Broecker
CAST:  Tim Bergmann  •  Julia Brendler  •  Felix Vörtler  •  Zora Holt

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Cast & Characters

Tim Bergmann Leon Thalbacher
Julia Brendler Esther Ohling
Felix Vörtler Walter Thalbacher
Zora Holt Marina Krenz
Wilfried Hochholdinger Bankleiter Schnarke
Rosa Enskat Frau Pohlmann
Heinz W. Krückeberg Sol
Alexander Martschewski Johnny
Lil Oggesen Merle

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