The Israeli Boys (2020)

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Secrets, lies, surprises and more are explored in this rich selection of gay short films from Israel. The 6 short films are: Three (2018); A Trip to the Desert (2016); Rubber Dolphin (2018); Stav (2018); After His Death (2017); Leave of Absence (2016).

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Lior Soroka  •  Moshe Rosenthal  •  Ori Aharon  •  Lior Haen  •  Nizan Lotem  •  Michal Haggiag

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Cast & Characters

Uri Klauzner Meir
Levana Finkelstein Ronit
Yoav Rotman Student
Michal Bernstein Meir's daughter
Adi Bielski Ayelet

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