Animal Factory (2000)

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Suburbanite Ron is spoiled, young and not overly worried about the marijuana charges leveled against him. But, after being made out to be a drug dealer, he faces a five-year jail sentence in San Quentin State Prison. Physically frail and unaccustomed to his rough surroundings, Ron is primed to fall victim to sexual predators and bullying guards – that is, until he's befriended by Earl, a veteran inmate who finds meaning in protecting the vulnerable new kid.

GENRES:  Crime • Drama
DIRECTION:  Steve Buscemi
CAST:  Willem Dafoe  •  Edward Furlong  •  Danny Trejo  •  Mark Boone Junior

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Cast & Characters

Willem Dafoe Earl Copen
Edward Furlong Ron Decker
Danny Trejo Vito
Mark Boone Junior Paul Adams
Seymour Cassel Lt. Seeman
Mickey Rourke Jan the Actress
Tom Arnold Buck Rowan
John Heard James Decker
Chris Bauer Bad Eye
Rockets Redglare Big Rand
Jake La Botz Jesse
Mark Engelhardt T.J.

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