Die Zeit der Kraniche (2010)

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In the loneliness of the Lower Havel lowlands, one of the last bird paradise in Germany, twelve-year-old Lea lives alone with her father Lutz, a passionate environmentalist. She is on the cusp of adulthood, confronted with the challenges of the present and the pains of the past. She often feels lonely in the childhood-remote world in which she lives, in which schools are closed and people leave. Even the father, who has withdrawn from the world, is increasingly becoming a problem for Lea, who longs for fellowship.

GENRES:  Drama • Family • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Josh Broecker

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Cast & Characters

Stella Kunkat Lea Borchardt
Bernhard Schir Lutz Borchardt
Floriane Daniel Ines Schütt
Manfred Zapatka Kommissar Jürgen Monhaupt
Alice Dwyer Eva Schreiber
Armin Dillenberger Karl-Heinz Schreiber
Marie Gruber Wirtin
Wolfgang Maria Bauer Manfred Fuhrmann
Johann Hillmann Anton Fuhrmann
Michael Wiesner Mikey Fuhrmann
Doris Schretzmayer Cora Fürst
Felix Vörtler Georg Reitinger

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