The Pentagon Wars (1998)

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From the director of “Made In America” and “The Money Pit” comes a hilarious look at one of the most expensive blunders in military history. Over 17 years and almost as many billion dollars have gone into devising the BFV (Bradley Fighting Vehicle). There's only one problem. . . it doesn't work.

Rotten Tomatoes: No critic reviews / Audience 86%

Rated R,  1 hr 44 mins

Comedy • Drama • War
Richard Benjamin
Kelsey Grammer  •  Cary Elwes  •  Viola Davis  •  John C. McGinley

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Kelsey Grammer Maj. Gen. Partridge
Cary Elwes Lt. Col. James Burton
Viola Davis Platoon Sgt. Fanning (Burton's secretary)
John C. McGinley Col. J.D. Bock
Clifton Powell Sgt. Benjamn Dalton
Dewey Weber Sp4 Ganger
Richard Schiff Col. / Brig. Gen. Robert Laurel Smith
J.C. MacKenzie Jones (Pentagon tank designer)
Richard Benjamin Caspar Weinberger (Secretary of Defense)
Olympia Dukakis Madam Chairwoman, Armed Services Committee
Tom Wright Maj. William Sayers