Mac (1992)

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Niccolo "Mac" Vitelli is the eldest of three brothers in 1950s Queens. Mac is a construction builder, a trade he learned from his late father, and helps put his brothers on the job. When they can no longer take working for Polowski, who does shoddy work and is abusive to his staff, Mac and his brothers set up their own company. Together, Vitelli Brothers Construction builds houses with pride and care. But Mac turns out to be an overbearing workaholic, with obsessive concern about the quality of their work and incredible attention to detail. His intensity and driven ambition precludes a happy family life and begins to drive his brothers away.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  John Turturro

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Cast & Characters

John Turturro Niccolo (Mac) Vitelli
Michael Badalucco Vico Vitelli
Carl Capotorto Bruno Vitelli
Steven Randazzo Gus
Katherine Borowitz Alice Stunder
Ellen Barkin Oona Goldfarb
John Amos Nat
Nicholas Turturro Tony Gloves
Matthew Sussman Clarence
Dennis Farina Mr. Stunder
Olek Krupa Polowski
Mike Starr Fireman

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