Müslüm (2018)

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The movie is about the legendary Turkish "soul singer" Müslüm Gürses. Born into a poor family, Muslum found his redemption in music from the initial trauma that lingered over his musical and personal life as internalizing the grief. He rose through his ashes of shattered dreams like a phoenix. He walked in darkness, sang songs filled with sorrow which stirred people's souls and created a cult following. They were calling him "Baba" (The Father).

GENRES:  Drama • Music
DIRECTION:  Ketche  •  Can Ulkay

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Cast & Characters

Timuçin Esen Müslüm Gürses (Akbas)
Erkan Kolçak Köstendil Pavyon Sahibi
Erkan Can Limoncu Ali
Zerrin Tekindor Muhterem Nur
Erkan Avcı
Turgut Tunçalp Mehmet Akbas
Taner Ölmez Ahmet Akbas
Ayça Bingöl Emine Akbas
Caner Kurtaran
Şahin Kendirci Küçük Müslüm
Goncagül Sunar
Alper Parlak

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