Appaloosa (2008)

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Two friends hired to police a small town that is suffering under the rule of a rancher find their job complicated by the arrival of a young widow.

GENRES:  Crime • Drama • Western
CAST:  Viggo Mortensen  •  Ed Harris  •  Renée Zellweger  •  Jeremy Irons

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Cast & Characters

Viggo Mortensen Everett Hitch
Ed Harris Virgil Cole
Renée Zellweger Allie
Jeremy Irons Randall Bragg
Timothy Spall Phil Olson
Lance Henriksen Ring Shelton
Timothy V. Murphy Vince
Robert Jauregui Marshall Jack Bell
Luce Rains Dean
Gabriel Marantz Joe Whittfield
Cerris Morgan-Moyer Tilda
James Gammon Earl May

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