Mammuth (2010)

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Serge Pilardosse has just turned 60. He has worked since the age of 16, never unemployed, never sick. But the hour of retirement has come, and it is disillusionment: he is missing points, some employers having forgotten to declare it! Pushed by Catherine, his wife, he gets on his old motorcycle from the 70s, a "Mammut" which earned him his nickname, and sets off in search of his pay slips. During his journey, he rediscovers his past and his quest for administrative documents soon becomes incidental...

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  Gustave Kervern  •  Benoît Delépine

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Cast & Characters

Gérard Depardieu Serge Pilardosse, dit Mammuth
Yolande Moreau Catherine Pilardosse
Isabelle Adjani L'amour perdu de Serge
Benoît Poelvoorde Le récupérateur de métal
Philippe Nahon Le directeur gâteux de l'hospice
Bouli Lanners Le recruteur
Anna Mouglalis La fausse handicapée
Siné Le viticulteur
Gustave Kervern Le boucher au supermarché
Bruno Lochet Le VRP au restaurant
Catherine Hosmalin La copine de Catherine
Dick Annegarn Le gardien du cimetière

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