Out of Sight (1998)

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Meet Jack Foley, a smooth criminal who bends the law and is determined to make one last heist. Karen Sisco is a federal marshal who chooses all the right moves … and all the wrong guys. Now they're willing to risk it all to find out if there's more between them than just the law.

GENRES:  Comedy • Crime • Romance
DIRECTION:  Steven Soderbergh
CAST:  George Clooney  •  Jennifer Lopez  •  Michael Keaton  •  Jim Robinson

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Cast & Characters

George Clooney Jack Foley
Jennifer Lopez Karen Sisco
Michael Keaton Ray Nicolette
Jim Robinson Bank Employee
Samuel L. Jackson Hejira Henry
Mike Malone Bank Customer
Dennis Farina Marshall Sisco
Catherine Keener Adele
Ving Rhames Buddy Bragg
Donna Frenzel Bank Teller
Steve Zahn Glenn Michaels
Keith Loneker White Boy Bob

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