Dune (1984)

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In the year 10,191, the world is at war for control of the desert planet Arrakis—the only place where the space-travel substance Melange 'Spice' can be found. But when one leader gives up control, it's only so he can stage a coup with some unsavory characters.

GENRES:  Action • Adventure • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  David Lynch
CAST:  Francesca Annis  •  Leonardo Cimino  •  Brad Dourif  •  José Ferrer

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Cast & Characters

Francesca Annis Lady Jessica
Leonardo Cimino The Baron's Doctor
Brad Dourif Piter De Vries
José Ferrer Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV
Linda Hunt Shadout Mapes
Freddie Jones Thufir Hawat
Richard Jordan Duncan Idaho
Kyle MacLachlan Paul Usul Muad'Dib Atreides
Virginia Madsen Princess Irulan
Silvana Mangano Rev. Mother Ramallo
Everett McGill Stilgar
Kenneth McMillan Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

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