De-Lovely (2004)

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From Paris to Venice to Broadway to Hollywood, the lives of Cole Porter and his wife, Linda were never less than glamorous and wildly unconventional. And though Cole's thirst for life strained their marriage, Linda never stopped being his muse, inspiring some of the greatest sons of the twentieth century.

GENRES:  Drama • Music
DIRECTION:  Irwin Winkler
CAST:  Kevin Kline  •  Ashley Judd  •  Jonathan Pryce  •  Kevin McNally

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Cast & Characters

Kevin Kline Cole Porter
Ashley Judd Linda Porter
Jonathan Pryce Gabriel
Kevin McNally Gerald Murphy
Sandra Nelson Sarah Murphy
Allan Corduner Monty Woolley
Peter Polycarpou Louis B. Mayer
Keith Allen Irving Berlin
James Wilby Edward Thomas
Kevin McKidd Bobby Reed
Caroline O'Connor Ethel Merman
Dean Constantin Hotel Porter

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