4 Little Girls (1997)

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On September 15, 1963, a bomb destroyed a black church in Birmingham, Alabama, killing four young girls who were there for Sunday school. It was a crime that shocked the nation--and a defining moment in the history of the civil-rights movement. Spike Lee re-examines the full story of the bombing, including a revealing interview with former Alabama Governor George Wallace.

Rotten Tomatoes: Fresh 100% / Audience 89%

Rated Unrated,  1 hr 42 mins

Spike Lee
Maxine McNair  •  Chris McNair  •  Helen Pegues  •  Queen Nunn

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Maxine McNair Herself - Mother of Denise McNair
Chris McNair Himself - Father of Denise McNair
Helen Pegues Herself - Denise's Aunt
Queen Nunn Herself - Neighbor of Denise McNair
Arthur Hanes Jr. Himself - Defense Attorney for Bob Chambliss
Howell Raines Himself - New York Times Editor
Harold McNair Himself - Denise's Uncle
Carole C. Smitherman Herself - Denise's Childhood Friend
Wamo Reed Robertson Herself - Carole's Aunt
Dianne Braddock Herself - Carole's Sister
Carolyn Lee Brown Herself - Carole's Childhood Friend
Alpha Robertson Herself - Mother of Carole Robertson