The Golden Boat (1990)

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Inspired in form by American police TV shows and soap operas, The Golden Boat is a madcap, surreal dash through the streets of New York city, telling the mysterious and often hilarious story of an aged street-person named Austin, a comically compulsive assassin, as he joins up with a young rock critic and philosophy student named Israel Williams. In the course of their adventures, Austin pursues his object of desire - a Mexican soap opera star - and along the way engages a host of TV characters and bit players, whose repartee range from gangsterish insults to the question of God's existence.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama

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Cast & Characters

Michael Kirby Austin
Federico Muchnik Israel Williams
Brett Alexander Doc
Mary Hestand Alina
Kathy Acker Professor
Kate Valk
Jim Jarmusch Stranger
Barbet Schroeder Mean Passer-by
Annie Sprinkle Waitress
Hisham Bizri Himself
Vito Acconci Swiss assassin

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