War of the Buttons (2011)

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1960. The thrilling battles waged by a band of kids from two rival villages in the southern French countryside.

GENRES:  Adventure • Family
DIRECTION:  Yann Samuell
CAST:  Eric Elmosnino  •  Mathilde Seigner  •  Fred Testot  •  Alain Chabat

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Cast & Characters

Eric Elmosnino Maître Merlin
Mathilde Seigner La mère de Lebrac
Fred Testot Le père Simon
Alain Chabat Maître Labru
Vincent Bres William Lebrac
Salomé Lemire Lanterne
Théo Bertrand L'Aztec
Tristan Vichard Tigibus
Tom Rivoire Grangibus
Louis Lefèbvre Camus
Victor Le Blond Bacaillé
Bastien Bouillon Tintin

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