Safe House (2012)

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Safe House is the story of a struggle for survival in an unfamiliar and threatening world, based on the true life experience of a woman in the early days of the witness protection programme in New Zealand. TV Movie

GENRES:  Crime • Drama • TV movie
DIRECTION:  John Laing
CAST:  Morgana O'Reilly  •  Serena Cotton  •  Peter Elliott  •  Paul Gittins

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Cast & Characters

Morgana O'Reilly Carol Taylor
Serena Cotton S.C Karen Frobischer
Peter Elliott D.I Andrew Hunte
Paul Gittins Cliff Stout
Ryan Lampp Freddie Pritchard
Dan Musgrove D.C Morrissey
Scott Wills D.C Lewis
Erroll Shand Tony Michaels
Poppy Vivian-Buckley Rosie
Ilona Rodgers Joyce
Mark Warren Simon
Flynn Allan Paul

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