The Dragon Family (1988)

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Rival Triad gangs go to war...

GENRES:  Action • Crime
DIRECTION:  Lau Kar-Wing
CAST:  Andy Lau  •  Alan Tam  •  Stanley Fung  •  Kent Cheng Jak-Si

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Cast & Characters

Andy Lau Lung Wah
Alan Tam Allan
Stanley Fung Sgt Fung
Kent Cheng Jak-Si Uncle Po
Kara Wai Ying-Hung Wai's wife
Kent Tong Yip
Lisa Chiao Chiao Ying's wife
Max Mok Siu-Chung Chung
Michael Miu Kar Wai
Ko Chun-Hsiung Lung Ying
Lau Kar-Wing Uncle Sik
Shing Fui-On Bill, Er's bodyguard

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