Private School (1983)

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Private-school student Christine loves Jim. But her classmate, Jordan, is also vying for Jim's attention and trying to end his relationship with Christine. Meanwhile, Jim's friend Bubba embarks on a series of sexual escapades, including dressing up as a woman to access the girls' locker room. Despite Jim and Christine's efforts to spend some time alone, various shenanigans and schemes interfere.

GENRES:  Comedy • Romance
DIRECTION:  Noel Black
CAST:  Phoebe Cates  •  Betsy Russell  •  Matthew Modine  •  Michael Zorek

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Cast & Characters

Phoebe Cates Christine Ramsey
Betsy Russell Jordan Leigh-Jenson
Matthew Modine Jim Green
Michael Zorek Bubba Beauregard
Fran Ryan Miss Dutchbok
Kathleen Wilhoite Betsy
Ray Walston Chauncey
Sylvia Kristel Ms. Regina Copoletta
Frank Aletter Mr. Leigh-Jensen
Jonathan Prince Roy
Richard Stahl Mr. Flugel
Julie Payne Coach Whelan

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