Conflict (1945)

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Filmed some 18 months before its release, Conflict is one of two melodramas in which Humphrey Bogart self-consciously portrayed a wife murderer (the other was The Two Mrs. Carrolls). Bogie plays unhappily married Richard Mason, who concocts a meticulous scheme to kill his shrewish wife, Kathryn (Rose Hobart), so that he'll be free to marry her sister, Evelyn (Alexis Smith).

GENRES:  Thriller
DIRECTION:  Curtis Bernhardt

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Cast & Characters

Humphrey Bogart Richard Mason
Alexis Smith Evelyn Turner
Sydney Greenstreet Dr. Mark Hamilton
Rose Hobart Kathryn Mason
Charles Drake Prof. Norman Holsworth
Grant Mitchell Dr. Grant
Patrick O'Moore Det. Lt. Egan (as Pat O'Moore)
Ann Shoemaker Nora Grant
Edwin Stanley Phillips (as Ed Stanley)
Frank Wilcox Freston
Bess Flowers Guest at Rainbow Lodge
Oliver Blake First pawnbroker

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