Deadly Intentions (1985)

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Katherine married Dr. Charles Raynor. She later discovers that Raynor is a sadist who torments her physically and mentally. She divorces him and take their child away. He then decides to kill her but when his plot is discovered he is charged with attempted murder and brought to trial.

GENRES:  Crime • Drama • Thriller • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Noel Black

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Cast & Characters

Michael Biehn Dr. Charles Raynor
Madolyn Smith Osborne Katherine Raynor
Morgana King Anna Livanos
Jack Kruschen Alex Livanos
Kevin McCarthy Reichman
Cliff DeYoung Garner
Cloris Leachman Charlotte Raynor
Susan Wheeler Duff Carol Durdin
Edward Edwards Tom Horner
Bruce French Dr. Reston
Robert Clarke Pharmacist
Joella Deffenbaugh Station Nurse

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