Fields of Gold (2002)

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A two-part conspiracy thriller starring Anna Friel. An eager young photographer and a bitter tabloid hack are sent to investigate mysterious deaths at a cottage hospital. But why is the new environment minister keeping tabs on their every move? The TV movie tackles controversial topics like genetically modified plants, the role of large pharmaceutical companies and the question of control of state and government

GENRES:  Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Bill Anderson
CAST:  Anna Friel  •  Phil Davis  •  Max Beesley  •  James Fleet

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Cast & Characters

Anna Friel Lucia Merritt
Phil Davis Roy Lodge
Max Beesley Mark Hurst
James Fleet Alan Buckley
Mark Strong Dr. Tolkin
Alphonsia Emmanuel Karen Delage
Ron Cook Dave McArdle
Paul Freeman Sir James Ferneyhough
Phyllis Logan Rachel Greenlaw
David Schofield Craig
Tony Haygarth George Hurst
Gary McDonald Johnson

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