Body Bags (1993)

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Three tales, each more terrifying than the last… a woman who is stalked by a crazed serial killer... a man who pays the ultimate price for a beautiful head of hair… and a vision of life — seen through the eyes of a killer!

GENRES:  Comedy • Horror • Science Fiction • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Tobe Hooper  •  John Carpenter

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Cast & Characters

John Carpenter The Coroner
Robert Carradine Bill
Alex Datcher Anne
David Naughton Pete
Stacy Keach Richard Coberts
David Warner Dr. Lock
Sheena Easton Megan
Mark Hamill Brent Matthews
Twiggy Cathy Matthews
John Agar Dr. Lang
Tom Arnold Morgue Worker #1
Tobe Hooper Morgue Worker #2

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