What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? (1999)

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Five years have passed and Jake has turned his back on his family. He's still up to his usual tricks in McClutchy's Bar, unaware, as he downs his latest opponent, that his eldest son, Nig, has died in a gang fight. The uncomfortable family reunion at Nig's funeral sparks a confrontation with second son, Sonny, and sets Jake and Sonny on a downward spiral.

GENRES:  Drama
CAST:  Temuera Morrison  •  Rudolph Alford  •  Julian Arahanga  •  Tony Billy

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Cast & Characters

Temuera Morrison Jake Heke
Rudolph Alford McClutchy
Julian Arahanga Nig Heke
Tony Billy Charlie
Tu Brown Pub Looker
Nancy Brunning Tania Rogers
Ross Buckingham Pool Player
Shannon Claire II Bar Dancer
Tammy Davis Mookie
Eru Potaka-Dewes Minata Kahu
Steven Dyhrberg Pool Player
Taungaroa Emile Boogie Heke

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