Chinese Coffee (2000)

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When Harry Levine, an aging, unsuccessful Greenwich Village writer is fired from his job as restaurant doorman, he calls on friend and mentor Jake, ostensibly to collect a long-standing debt. Harry solicits his opinion on his latest manuscript, a work of semi-fiction based on their longtime friendship. Although he initially denies having read it, Jake later attacks it on aesthetic grounds, and deep-seated feelings of betrayal and jealousy surface and lead to a traumatic confrontation.

GENRES:  Drama
CAST:  Al Pacino  •  Jerry Orbach  •  Susan Floyd  •  Ellen McElduff

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Cast & Characters

Al Pacino Harry Levine
Jerry Orbach Jake Manheim
Susan Floyd Joanna
Ellen McElduff Mavis
Michel Moinot Maurice
Judette Jones Supermarket cashier
Paul J.Q. Lee Counterman
Joel Eidelsberg Harry's Brother
Maria Gentile Sarah / Bellydancer
Christopher Evan Welch Hamlet Actor
Neal Jones Etecoles / Actor in Play
Laura Esterman Actor in Play/Messenger

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