The Happy Prince (2018)

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In 1895, Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) was the most famous writer in London, and Bosie Douglas, son of the notorious Marquess of Queensberry, was his lover. Accused and convicted of gross indecency, he was imprisoned for two years and subjected to hard labor. Once free, he abandons England to live in France, where he will spend his last years, haunted by memories of the past, poverty and immense sadness.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Rupert Everett
CAST:  Rupert Everett  •  Colin Firth  •  Emily Watson  •  Colin Morgan

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Cast & Characters

Rupert Everett Oscar Wilde
Colin Firth Reggie Turner
Emily Watson Constance
Colin Morgan Alfred Bosie Douglas
Edwin Thomas Robbie Ross
John Standing Dr. Tucker
Alister Cameron Mr. Howard
Tom Wilkinson Fr Dunne
Béatrice Dalle Café Manager
Anna Chancellor Mrs. Arbuthnott
Tom Colley Maurice Gilbert
Julian Wadham Top Hat

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