Mystery Men (1999)

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When Champion City's hero Captain Amazing is kidnapped by the recently paroled supervillain Casanova Frankenstein, a trio of average, everyday superheroes -- Mr. Furious, the Shoveler and the Blue Raja -- assemble a new super team to save him.

GENRES:  Action • Adventure • Comedy • Fantasy • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Kinka Usher
CAST:  Hank Azaria  •  Janeane Garofalo  •  William H. Macy  •  Kel Mitchell

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Cast & Characters

Hank Azaria The Blue Raja
Janeane Garofalo The Bowler
William H. Macy The Shoveler
Kel Mitchell The Invisible Boy
Jenifer Lewis Lucille
Ben Stiller Mr. Furious
Paul Reubens Spleen
Stacey Travis Powerwoman
Claire Forlani Monica
Wes Studi Sphinx
Greg Kinnear Captain Amazing / Lance
Geoffrey Rush Casanova Frankenstein

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