Secret Sins of the Father (1994)

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Louis (Lloyd Bridges) is a farmer in small-town Nebraska. All seems well in his quiet life until the town's spiteful sheriff, Tom (Beau Bridges), who is also Louis' son, unexpectedly charges Louis with the murder of his mother. Louis knows he's innocent and thinks that his son is merely out to get him because he's been having a heated affair with Tom's former lover. Can father and son put their bad blood aside for the sake of the family? Or will Tom's vengeance prevail?

DIRECTION:  Beau Bridges
CAST:  Beau Bridges  •  Lloyd Bridges  •  Lee Purcell  •  Frederick Coffin

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Cast & Characters

Beau Bridges Tom Thielman
Lloyd Bridges Louis Thielman
Lee Purcell Ann Thielman
Frederick Coffin L.J. Thielman
Victoria Rowell Yolanda Seeley
Patrika Darbo Leslie Holcomb
Michael McManus Rod Holcomb
Ed Lauter Arnold Carter
Bert Remsen Judge Kleiser
Mark L. Taylor Morris Fleming
Jack Kehler Ray Townsend
Andrew Parks Gary Silver

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