Mystery, Alaska (1999)

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In Mystery, Alaska, life revolves around the legendary Saturday hockey game at the local pond. But everything changes when the hometown team unexpectedly gets booked in an exhibition match against the New York Rangers. When quirky small-towners, slick promoters and millionaire athletes come together.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama
CAST:  Russell Crowe  •  Hank Azaria  •  Mary McCormack  •  Burt Reynolds

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Cast & Characters

Russell Crowe John Biebe
Hank Azaria Charles Danner
Mary McCormack Donna Biebe
Burt Reynolds Judge Walter Burns
Colm Meaney Mayor Scott Pitcher
Lolita Davidovich Mary Jane Pitcher
Maury Chaykin Bailey Pruitt
Ron Eldard 'Skank' Marden
Ryan Northcott Stevie Weeks
Michael Buie Connor Banks
Kevin Durand 'Tree' Lane
Scott Grimes 'Birdie' Burns

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