Little Ladies of the Night (1977)

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The sister of ex-pimp and current Los Angeles Police detective Lyle York was murdered working the streets a few years ago. Since his reform, he has teamed with Officer Russ Garfield to clear the streets of underage girls working in prostitution. Pretty, young runaway Hailey Atkins has been turned out. Down deep she wants to go straight but has had great difficulty escaping her pimp and doesn't even have a place to go. York and Garfield go out on a limb to try and help.

GENRES:  Drama • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Marvin J. Chomsky
CAST:  David Soul  •  Linda Purl  •  Louis Gossett Jr.  •  Clifton Davis

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Cast & Characters

David Soul Lyle York
Linda Purl Hailey Atkins
Louis Gossett Jr. Russ Garfield
Clifton Davis Comfort
Carolyn Jones Marilyn Atkins
Paul Burke Frank Atkins
Lana Wood Maureen
Kathleen Quinlan Karen Brodwick
Vic Tayback Finch
Katherine Helmond Miss Colby
Dorothy Malone Maggie
Bibi Osterwald Matron

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