The Rest Is Silence (2008)

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In 1911-12, the Romanian movie director Grigore Brezianu and the financial tycoon Leon Popescu made together the 2 hours long movie "Romania's Independence" - an as faithful as possible screen adaptation of the real Independence War that had been fought in 1877. Now, "Restul e tacere" tells us, in a loose and half-fictionalized way, the story of this movie making.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Nae Caranfil

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Cast & Characters

Marius Florea Vizante Grigore 'Grig' Ursache
Ovidiu Niculescu Leon Negrescu
Mirela Zeta Emilia
Sandu Mihai Gruia Iancu Ursache
Valentin Popescu Catargiu
Nicu Mihoc Anton Vorbula
Gavril Pătru The Cameraman
Silviu Biriș Raoul
Vlad Zamfirescu Nutu Ferefide
Samuel Tastet Raymond Duffin
Florin Zamfirescu Colonel Guta - Chief of Police
Alexandru Hasnas King Carol I

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