The Way Back (2010)

At the dawn of WWII, several men escape from a Russian gulag—to take a perilous and uncertain journey to freedom as they cross deserts, mountains and several nations.

GENRES:  Adventure • Drama • History
DIRECTION:  Peter Weir
CAST:  Colin Farrell  •  Dejan Angelov  •  Dragoș Bucur  •  Ed Harris

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Cast & characters

Colin Farrell Valka
Dejan Angelov Andrei
Dragoș Bucur Zoran
Ed Harris Mr. Smith
Jim Sturgess Janusz
Saoirse Ronan Irena
Mark Strong Khabarov
Alexandru Potocean Tomasz
Gustaf Skarsgård Voss
Sebastian Urzendowsky Kazik
Zachary Baharov Interrogator
Sally Brunski Janusz's Wife, 1939

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