Impostor (2001)

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A top-secret government weapons designer is arrested by a clandestine government organization on suspicion of being a clone created by the hostile alien race wanting to take over Earth.

GENRES:  Action • Science Fiction • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Gary Fleder
CAST:  Gary Sinise  •  Madeleine Stowe  •  Tony Shalhoub  •  Mekhi Phifer

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Cast & Characters

Gary Sinise Spencer Olham
Madeleine Stowe Maya Olham
Tony Shalhoub Nelson Gittes
Mekhi Phifer Cale
Tim Guinee Cale
Gary Dourdan Cap. Burke
Vincent D'Onofrio Hathaway
Ivana Miličević Gang girl
Burt Bulos Newscaster
D-Teflon ESA Soldier (uncredited)
Una Damon Local Newscaster
Lindsay Crouse Chancellor

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