Solitary (2009)

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Sara (Amber Jaeger) suffers from agoraphobia, an obsessive fear of open spaces that renders her a virtual captive of her own home. When her husband, Mark (Kieron Elliott), disappears unexpectedly, Sara unravels emotionally and begins to panic. Turning to her estranged sister (Kristine Sullivan) and a psychiatrist (Andrew Qamar) for support, Sara soon begins to wonder whether the doctor is trying to help her or is plotting her demise.

GENRES:  Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Greg Derochie
CAST:  Kieron Elliott  •  B. Anthony Cohen  •  Amber Jaeger  •  Dalton Leeb

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Cast & Characters

Kieron Elliott Mark
B. Anthony Cohen Detective Gibson
Amber Jaeger Sara Ballard
Dalton Leeb Repairman

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