An Angel at My Table (1990)

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Based on the autobiographical work of New Zealand writer Janet Frame, this production depicts the author at various stage of her life. Afflicted with mental and emotional issues, Frame grows up in an impoverished family and experiences numerous tragedies while still in her youth, including the deaths of two of her siblings. Portrayed as an adult by Kerry Fox, Frame finds acclaim for her writing while still in a mental institution, and her success helps her move on with her life.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Jane Campion
CAST:  Kerry Fox  •  Alexia Keogh  •  Karen Fergusson  •  Iris Churn

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Cast & Characters

Kerry Fox Janet Frame
Alexia Keogh Janet Frame as adolescent
Karen Fergusson Janet Frame as a child
Iris Churn Mother
Jessie Mune Janet Frame as a baby
Kevin J. Wilson Father
Edith Campion Miss Lindsay
Francesca Collins Baby Jane
Melina Bernecker Myrtle
Mark Morrison Bruddie Frame as child
Katherine Murray-Cowper Young Isabel
Mark Thomson Billy Delaware

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