Jo's Boy (2010)

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Grandson of a legendary rugby player, son of a legendary rugby player, and he himself a legendary rugby player, Jo Canavero raises his only son, Tom, in a small village in the Tarn region. To the great displeasure of Jo, thirteen-year-old Tom is as good at math as he is useless on the rugby field. For a Canavero, the legend can't stop there, even if it means setting up a rugby team specifically for Tom, despite the wishes of the whole village and of Tom himself.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Philippe Guillard

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Cast & Characters

Gérard Lanvin Jo Canavaro
Olivier Marchal Le Chinois
Vincent Moscato Pompom
Jérémie Duvall Tom Canavaro
Abbes Zahmani Le Boulon
Karina Lombard Alice Hamilton
Lionnel Astier Bernard
Pierre Laplace Frontignan
Laurent Olmedo François
Darren Adams Jonah Tukalo
Grace Hancock Fanny Hamilton, Alice's daughter
Jean-Marie Combelles Father Puissagay

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