Desperate Remedies (1993)

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In a town called Hope on the edge of Britain's empire, desperations clash: the beautiful Dorothea Brook is desperate to free her pregnant sister Rose from the clutches of Fraser, a fortune hunter. A local politician, William Poyner, is desperate for cash and thinks marriage to Dorothea will save him. Dorothea hires Lawrence Hayes, a rough but handsome Argonaut, to bribe Fraser with jewels and to marry Rose; Hayes desperately loves Dorothea and may marry Rose to stay close to her. But Dorothea has a lover, the ravishing Anne Cooper, who encourages the match with Poyser to give the lovers cover. Are these remedies, each desperate in its turn, going to make anyone happy?

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Stewart Main  •  Peter Wells

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Cast & Characters

Jennifer Ward-Lealand Dorothea Brook
Kevin Smith Lawrence Hayes
Lisa Chappell Anne Cooper
Cliff Curtis Fraser
Michael Hurst Willam Poyser
Helen Steemson Gnits
Kiri Mills Rose
Bridget Armstrong Mary Anne
Timothy Raby Mr. Weedle
Geeling Ng Su Lim

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