Covidwood (2021)

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A French documentary on how Covid-19 affected Hollywood and the cinema industry in the United States.

GENRES:  Documentary
DIRECTION:  Didier Allouch
CAST:  Didier Allouch  •  Sharon Waxman  •  Jacques Jouffret  •  Tom Rothman

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Cast & Characters

Didier Allouch Himself (narrator)
Sharon Waxman Herself (journalist)
Jacques Jouffret Himself (director of photography)
Tom Rothman Himself (CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment)
Adam Mason Himself (director)
Lance Alspaugh Himself (CEO of Vintage Cinemas)
Patrick Corcoran Himself (Vice President of NATO)
Drew T. Pierce Himself (director)
Brett Pierce Himself (director)
Karie Bible Herself (Exhibitor Relations analyst)
Jason Blum Himself (producer)
Joana Vicente Herself (Co-President of Toronto International Film Festival)

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