U2: Elevation 2001 - Live from Boston (2001)

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1. Elevation 2. Beautiful Day 3. Until The End Of The World 4. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of 5. Kite 6. Gone 7. New York 8. I Will Follow 9. Sunday Bloody Sunday 10. In A Little While 11. Desire 12. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) 13. Bad 14. Where The Streets Have No Name 15. Bullet The Blue Sky 16. With Or Without You 17. The Fly 18. Wake Up Dead Man 19. Walk On Elevation 2001: Live From Boston captures the band's return to performing to indoor venues, making for a more intimate experience. The band had played mostly large outdoor stadiums over the previous decade on their Zoo TV and PopMart Tours. The film also showcases a more simplified, strip-downed stage design, free of the elaborate technologies of the previous two tours.

GENRES:  Music
DIRECTION:  Hamish Hamilton
CAST:  The Edge  •  Bono  •  Adam Clayton  •  Larry Mullen Jr.

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Cast & Characters

The Edge Himself (guitar, vocals)
Bono Himself (vocals, guitar)
Adam Clayton Himself (bass)
Larry Mullen Jr. Himself (drums)

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