The Art of Seduction (2011)

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Jean-François is a psychoanalyst in love with one of his patients. When she decides to stop therapy, Jean-François at last feels free to seduce the woman. Paralyzed when in front of his object of love, Jean-François accumulates blunders of every kind. He hence turns to Julien, one his patients who is in therapy to overcome his compulsive-obsessive flirting disorder. It's a totally absurd initiative on Jean-François's part. But, even so...

GENRES:  Comedy • Romance
DIRECTION:  Guy Mazarguil

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Cast & Characters

Mathieu Demy Jean-François
Julie Gayet Hélène
Valérie Donzelli Estelle
Lionel Abelanski Julien
Émilie Caen La belle passante
Élisabeth Vitali
Alban Lenoir
Eva Mazauric
Anne Charrier

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