ADHD Is Necessary (2018)

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When her daughter's slipping grades threaten their status in life, a mother resorts to extreme measures to avoid losing social standing.

GENRES:  Drama • Family • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Chen Wei-Ling
CAST:  Chuan Chen Yeh  •  Frances Wu  •  Elten Ting  •  Chou Chi-Cheng

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Cast & Characters

Chuan Chen Yeh Yang Chuan
Frances Wu Nova Yang
Elten Ting Ling-Na
Chou Chi-Cheng A-Cheng
Pong-Fong Wu Chairman of The Education Department
Lan Wei-Hua Hospital Dean
Bryan Shu-Hao Chang Ho Yi-Hsien
Kerr Hsu Home Teacher
Cheng-Chun Chung Nova's Teacher
Cheng Yu-Chieh Big Truck Driver
Color Yan Rojek Yang
Eric Kun-Xian Tai Obstetrician

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