Plastic Utopia (1997)

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In a world where moral corruption and prosperity go hand-in-hand, James is out of his element. He's unpopular, whiny and cranky, not to mention a second-rate street mime fond of belittling his audience. James longs for a life or reckless abandon, much like that of his unscrupulous roommate Frank Feldspar - a thief, murderer, and a professional poet who is loved by all. James enthusiastically embraces the lifestyle of a hardened criminal, and he teams up with Frank for a daring armed robbery. *Notes from IMDB*

DIRECTION:  David Zellner
CAST:  John Arkinson  •  David Zellner  •  Nathan Zellner

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John Arkinson Heckler
David Zellner James
Nathan Zellner Frank

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