Alifu, the Prince/ss (2017)

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Alifu, a 25 year-old Paiwan boy, works as a hair-dresser in Taipei and struggles between his dream of getting a sex change operation and following his father’s footsteps to inherit the title as Chief of the indigenous Paiwan tribe. His lesbian roommate, Pei-Zhen, is also his best friend and confidante. Sherry, a transgender man, is the owner of a drag queen bar. For years, Sherry has been in love with the plumber, Wu, even though Wu only sees him as his buddy. Chris, a civil servant, lives a dull life. A one-time gig as a drag queen in the bar unexpectedly becomes his unique and secret way to relief stress. Chris has no choice but to keep this gig a secret from his girlfriend Angie. Across different genders and sexualities, the only common ground these people share is their search for love, understanding and acceptance. (Source: Golden Village)

GENRES:  Drama
CAST:  Utjung Tjakivalid  •  Chao Yi-lan  •  Pong-Fong Wu  •  Bamboo Chen

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Cast & Characters

Utjung Tjakivalid Alifu
Chao Yi-lan Pei-Zhen
Pong-Fong Wu Wu
Bamboo Chen Sherry
Rexen Cheng Jen-Shuo Chris
Angie Wang Angie
Parangalan Dakanow

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