Frodo Is Great... Who Is That?!! (2004)

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The documentary looks at the rise to celebrity status of NZ actor and musician Bret McKenzie, who appeared for 3 seconds as an extra in "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring", during the Council of Elrond scene. His brief appearance sparked a huge internet fan-base dedicated to his "brooding pout" and "elvish good looks". McKenzie has been dubbed "FIGWIT", an acronym of "Frodo is Great; Who is That!!?"

GENRES:  Documentary
DIRECTION:  Hannah Clarke  •  Nick Booth  •  Stan Alley
CAST:  Bret McKenzie  •  Peter Jackson  •  Jemaine Clement  •  Elijah Wood

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Cast & Characters

Bret McKenzie Figwit
Peter Jackson Himself
Jemaine Clement Himself
Elijah Wood Himself
Taika Waititi Frodo Baggins
Dominic Monaghan Himself
Ian McKellen Himself
Peter McKenzie Himself
Billy Boyd Himself
Barrie M. Osborne Himself
Mark Ordesky Himself

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