One of Them! (1998)

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One of Them! was one of two dramas (alongside Niki Caro movie Memory and Desire) inspired by short stories collected in Peter Wells' 1991 book Dangerous Desires. It was made for TV One as a Montana Sunday drama. Set in Auckland, 1965, One of Them! follows Lemmy and Jamie, two teenage boys coming to terms with their sexuality. In the dark days before gay liberation, bullying and intimidation was rife, and while the boys flaunt their sissyness, their internalized homophobia wreaks havoc on their emotional lives — until they can admit to being "one of them".

DIRECTION:  Stewart Main
CAST:  Ciaran Pennington  •  Cameron J. Watt  •  Stephen Papps  •  Ray Woolf

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Cast & Characters

Ciaran Pennington Jamie
Cameron J. Watt Lemmy
Stephen Papps Frenchie Friggs
Ray Woolf Mr. Stephenson
Alannah O'Sullivan Mrs. Stephenson
Collette Pennington Mrs. Caughey
Maggie Tarver Mrs. Clairol
Celia Nicholson Tobaccionist
Nigel Godfrey Tramping Dad
Elizabeth Cassidy Tramping Mum
Jeena Steel Tramping Girl
Mark Tronson Tramping Boy

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