Sexy Neighbor Sisters (2020)

Min-seok is captivated by Na-ri's beauty when they met by chance on the street. The new house in front is noisy and as he knocks on the door, Na-ri and Yeong-hee appears from within. Min-seok drinks with these two sister neighbors. Min-seok spends the night with Yeong-hee while drinking. Na-ri beings to misunderstand these two people and Min-seok confesses his feelings to Na-ri. However, relationship between Jae-hyeon and Na-ri is not serious. Can Min-seok find love?

GENRES:  Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Lee Dong-Joon
CAST:  Jin Joo  •  Lucy  •  Min Do-yoon  •  Shin Yeon-ho

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Cast & Characters

Jin Joo
Min Do-yoon
Shin Yeon-ho

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